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World-wide Web and Social Media

I’ve followed a series of blog posts from Cal Newport at (with posts like this) in which Newport criticizes social media platforms for, among other things, limiting the scope of internet browsing.

R package site incorporation into my personal website

Overview I’ve been developing the R package qtl2pleio. It’s now at a stage where others can use it. I recently found the R package pkgdown, which allows developers to build, in an automated fashion, websites for their packages.

reticulate R package & Travis

I like to use Travis CI with my R packages. I recently wrote a R package, limmbo2, that is a wrapper for the python module limmbo.

limmbo2 R package now on Github

I have posted to Github the R package limmbo2. limmbo2 is a R wrapper to the freely available python module limmbo. I mention my interest in limmbo in an earlier blog post, so I won’t repeat it here.

Getting started with the reticulate R package

Motivation My colleague Rene Welch brought to my attention a recent pre-print, “LiMMBo: a simple, scalable approach for linear mixed models in high-dimensional genetic association studies” by Hannah Meyer, Francesco Casale, Oliver Stegle, and Ewan Birney.

Joan Didion’s "On self-respect"

Yesterday I read for the first time Joan Didion’s essay “On self-respect” in her 1968 collection of essays “Slouching towards Bethlehem”. “On self-respect” originally appeared in Vogue in 1961.