Find the marker index corresponding to the peak of the pleiotropy trace in a tibble where the last column contains log likelihood values and the first d columns contain marker ids

find_pleio_peak_tib(tib, start_snp)



a (d+1) column tibble with first d columns containing marker ids and the last containing log likelihood values. Typically this is the output from `scan_pvl`.


positive integer, from the two-dimensional scan, that indicates where the scan started on the chromosome


positive integer indicating marker index for maximum value of log lik under pleiotropy


marker1 <- rep(paste0('SNP', 1:3), times = 3) marker2 <- rep(paste0('SNP', 1:3), each = 3) loglik <- runif(9, -5, 0) tibble::tibble(marker1, marker2, loglik) -> tib find_pleio_peak_tib(tib, start_snp = 1)
#> loglik2 #> 2