I’ve been developing the R package qtl2pleio. It’s now at a stage where others can use it. I recently found the R package pkgdown, which allows developers to build, in an automated fashion, websites for their packages. I posted an entry on pkgdown earlier this year. I now wish to communicate my strategy for incorporating the package site into my personal website, https://fboehm.us. I write this primarily as a reminder to myself.

The solution: Specify destination in _pkgdown.yml

My initial strategy was to use a Makefile to automate copying of my pkgdown site from qtl2pleio/docs to a subdirectory in my website repository, which, in my case, has the path website-mediumish/docs/static/software/qtl2pleio. We know that pkgdown, by default, builds the site in the (package) subdirectory docs. What I learned only yesterday is that the field destination in _pkgdown.yml can be used to specify an alternative path at which to build the site. I thus added to my _pkgdown.yml the text:

destination: ~/Documents/website-mediumish/docs/static/software/qtl2pleio

You can view my initial _pkgdown.yml for qtl2pleio here.

Now, when I type


from within the directory for the qtl2pleio R package, I see that the site is built at the specified destination, i.e., in my personal website subdirectory.

Here is my personal website and here is the sub-site for qtl2pleio.

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