10 September 2017

I recently learned about the R package, pkgdown, an R package that provides functions that make it easy to build a website from an R package on Github. I decided to build a site for my package qtl2pleio. The site is here. It features a documentation page for each function in the package. Using pkgdown is extremely easy. devtools::install_github("r-lib/pkgdown") library(pkgdown) build_site() pkgdown is used by more than 1300 packages, according to its README file.

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16 August 2017

I recently applied for a peer review training program that the Genetics Society of America organizes. An advisor kindly agreed to write a recommendation for my application. In discussing the program application with him, he told me that most of what he knows about refereeing he learned from Don Knuth’s book, Mathematical Writing. I decided to find a copy of the book. The publisher, MAA, says that the book is out of print.

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3 July 2017

This afternoon, while listening to “All Things Considered” on Wisconsin Public Radio, I heard an excerpt from John Roberts’s recent commencement address. Here is the story from “All Things Considered”. Here is the YouTube video.

Roberts spoke at his son’s 9th grade graduation from The Cardigan Mountain School, a boarding school for boys in grades 6 to 9, on June 3, 2017.


7 May 2017

While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon Rstudio’s new package blogdown. I read posts from Karl Broman and found the the book that the package author - Yihui Xie - freely shares. One tricky part of setting up the website involved the DNS settings. I bought the site through google domains. While the blogdown book provides instructions for DNS settings for other domain name providers, at the time I set up my site, they hadn’t written instructions for use with google domains.

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