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pkgdown R package for generating package websites on Github

I recently learned about the R package, pkgdown, an R package that provides functions that make it easy to build a website from an R package on Github.

Mathematical Writing by Donald Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul Roberts

I recently applied for a peer review training program that the Genetics Society of America organizes. An advisor kindly agreed to write a recommendation for my application.

John Roberts's Commencement Address

This afternoon, while listening to “All Things Considered” on Wisconsin Public Radio, I heard an excerpt from John Roberts’s recent commencement address. Here is the story from “All Things Considered”.

Getting started with blogdown

While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon Rstudio’s new package blogdown. I read posts from Karl Broman and found the the book that the package author - Yihui Xie - freely shares.