While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon Rstudio’s new package blogdown. I read posts from Karl Broman and found the the book that the package author - Yihui Xie - freely shares.

One tricky part of setting up the website involved the DNS settings. I bought the site fboehm.us through google domains. While the blogdown book provides instructions for DNS settings for other domain name providers, at the time I set up my site, they hadn’t written instructions for use with google domains. Fortunately, it was not too difficult, and, through trial and error, I managed to succeed.

Under “Configure DNS” button on Google Domains, I chose “Use custom name servers”. Clicking on “Edit” enabled me to enter the server names that end in “nsone.net”.

In my netlify account page, under “Settings”, I edited “DNS Records” by creating a new record for CNAME. I entered host name: www.fboehm.us and target: fboehm.us. I hope that I set it up properly.

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